Are you a Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist or Limited Licensed Psychologist looking to strengthen your clinical skills AND serve the community as a practicing therapist?

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DMG is open to supervise  THerapists as DMG Affiliates.



DMG Affiliated therapists all posses the following:

Culturally competent and community minded

Translation: Are you “woke”?


Skilled and innovative

Translation: Are you flexible with respect to your clinical style?


Strong interpersonal and analytical skills

Translation: Can you code-switch and keep it real?


Mature insight and demonstrated self-awareness

Translation: Have you done and/or are you willing to do your own self work?


Interest in mentorship and clinical supervision

Translation: Can you embrace and apply feedback?

Organized & Timely

Translation: Will you get your case notes/work done in a timely manner?


Thanks for submitting!

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