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Director/Principal Psychologist

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Contact Dr. Brandi Pritchett-Johnson

“I've been created to spread love. I take great joy in helping or coaching people to heal, love, grow, learn, and live their lives in a more fulfilled fashion. I am fun and silly. I am also intellectually and emotionally sophisticated. Everyone has a story or testimony. Mine has led me to this very moment. Because I've endured great loss; I value sharing and creating moments with people. Because I've made costly mistakes, I embrace second chances. Because I've been loved unconditionally, I know how transformative it can be and seek to gift it to others. Lastly, I want people to know I'm human. I'm still learning and growing and lovin the ride.”

“I simply want to get to know you and support you in whatever way you deem most appropriate. If any of my current specialty services peek your interest, send me a message or give me a call!”

group talk

legacy party

invitation to speak

Not everyone wants to participate in weekly long-term therapy. Participate in group therapy check in’s. 

   1st/3rd Saturdays 

10 – 11 am

Join a true network of healing!

So many of us are coping with heartbreak due to the death of a loved one. Financial challenges, family discord, and grief makes reconciling a loved one’s final affairs challenging. Most of us experience great anxiety and sadness regarding end-of-life matters.

Legacy Party allows for you and/or your family to evaluate end-of-life fears and create the legacy you want to leave behind. Practical information and therapeutic support provided.

Are you ready to live a more purposeful and wholehearted life?

This is truly a one-of-a-kind PARTY!

One of Dr. Brandi’s favorite things to do is meet and train others. Invite Dr. Brandi to your next conference, event, or training. You can also ask her to customize a workshop to fit your specific needs.

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Licensed Psychologist

“The point of therapy is to help clients increase their life satisfaction. My approach is to partner with my clients in helping them to gain a better understanding of their concerns, as well as provide them a space to explore ways to successfully navigate their concerns. I help children, adolescents, and adults navigate issues related to friends, family, work (e.g., career progression, work/life balance, stress) and school (e.g., behavioral, academic). My main goal with all of my clients is to help them create lasting change with the ultimate goal of helping them maintain their desired state of mental and emotional wellness.


With me, therapy is a team effort! So, if you think you are ready to begin…give me a call!”

Contact Dr. Dante Dixson


  • Child Intellectual and Psychological Assessments – Direct Pay Only

  • Parent/Caregiver Support

  • Giftedness

  • Adult stress and coping



Limited Licensed Psychologist

Contact Dr. Latoya Taylor

“Making a choice to attend therapy is never easy. One of the bravest things you can do is to understand your own story, pain, and trauma. My goal is to create a safe space as we collaborate to address your presenting concerns. I value thinking outside of the box. This journey begins with addressing areas that are most troublesome for you, pacing yourself, and trusting the process.”


“Contacting a therapist can feel intimidating, especially when cultural or societal factors may express negative views. Take a deep breath, and I hope you spare a few minutes to call me! Let’s work together to see how I can help. I look forward to hearing your story and witnessing the beauty in your transformation!”


  • Generational/Family Trauma 

  • Relationships

  • Identity 

  • Adult and adolescent stress and Coping



Licensed Psychologist

  • Child Intellectual and Psychological Assessments – Direct Pay Only


Contact Dr. Marilyn Franklin


MEET DR. Shelee

LIMITED Licensed Psychologist

  • Racial and intergenerational trauma

  • Identity concerns

  • Interpersonal/relational concerns


"I was born and raised in Detroit so I have a love for my community. I am fully committed to  increase mental health awareness, facilitate access to mental health resources, and reduce mental health stigma. I am passionate about the revitalization of the Black community and shifting the way we talk about mental health. Ultimately, I will impact change across generational levels by fostering a collective shift in our understanding of mental health"


Contact Dr. Shelee Ann Flemmings

LaQuinta - Edwards Medical Billing.jpg

MEET Mrs. LaQuinta

Billing Management 

Edwards Medical Billing, LLC 

Office Phone: (248) 327-6636

Fax: (248) 327-6653

Cell: (248) 990-7922


Questions/Concerns about your medical billing with DMG? Contact Mrs. LaQuinta! 

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